ThunderCore Ecology Is Booming — — Project Application Ecology

Among the ecological modules of public chain programs, the prosperity of “application ecology” is the most closely related with real economy and social life, so it is also regarded as the ultimate goal of public chain platforms. The main network of the public chain is launched online, marking that the original conception in the white paper becomes reality. Actual application becomes the criterion of whether a public chain is a success or a failure. And the quantity and quality of DApp developed on a pubic chain are accepted as key indicators of technology application.

Main carrier of technology application — — DApp

For a basic public chain, application of technology means the technology successfully serves the society and creates economic values. The main mode of application is using one technology or technology portfolios to develop new products. At present stage, the development of DAPP ecology is a very important link. The public chain provides infrastructure for DAPP development, and DAPP can in turn test the development effect of the public chain. Most users, who have no deep understanding about the technology (and do not need to have), typically measure whether the public chain is good or not with their DAPP experiences.

DApp refers to a new blockchain-based distributed application. Its core code does not run on a particular server and instead on the virtual machine at the blockchain consensus node. So its logic and data cannot be tampered, free from the interruption of server crash. The operation of DAPP is based on the consensus mechanism and contract specification of the corresponding public chain. And the code and data of DApp are part of the chain data.

ThunderCore’s public chain meets the basic requirements for DAPP construction

When a DAPP is constructed, various factors such as the efficiency, security, stability, usability and developer community of the public chains are considered to select the most suitable public chain.

About efficiency, ThunderCore draws on second-level confirmation speed and 4000TPS/s handling capacity to improve the user experience; on security, PaLa consensus can technically prevent furcation, thus avoiding community splitting and operational risks; about stability, the built-in anti-crash and anti-attack mechanism and stable block output bring about outstanding network congestion coping capability; on usability, abundant API and SDK are provided for DAPP development as well as favorable development environment and efficient intelligent contract debugging; diversified block browsers and wallets, DApp’s key partners, can be offered, so the infrastructure is well-established and varied.

Case sharing on ThunderCore DApp

As mentioned in our previous articles, ThunderCore has almost formed a global application ecosystem based on blockchain financial derivatives and highlighted by blockchain games and business applications in multiple fields. Specifically, its application coverage is extensive, including financial services, social management, cultural entertainment, smart cities and healthcare projects. A majority of the applications are entertaining games, which may be the appeal of today’s age of entertainment when personalized and diversified needs for entertainment can also promote the iteration and development of technology.

The applications in digital asset and electronic payment are focused on the expansion and circulation of tokens like TT-USDT, TTK and equity pool; the entertainment field, particularly the game sector, marks the most prosperous area of ThunderCore DAPPs, such as Color Craze, Spaceship Standoff, Math War and Brain Warp; the applications in social management have enhanced the transparency and credibility of government affairs, such as the i-Voting opinion poll platform and Taipei Government’s “Blockchain Application Service” proposal.

ThunderCore DAPPs details can be queried and experienced in many channels including ThunderCore Hub、DappRadar、Dapp NT、DappBirds. They are also available on ThunderCore website (partial).

ThunderCore not only provides smart contract interface that is fully compatible with Ethereum and infrastructure such as simple developer tools, but also provides diverse services for projects for better application ecosystem. The “Jump Start” program being promoted by ThunderCore can help projects with better user attraction, activity and retention. For example, the program has helped TTRoll to increase users activity and revenue. Besides, ThunderCore will regularly organizes or participates in developer conferences (such as sponsoring hackathons) to show excellent projects and invest in particularly outstanding projects.

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