Thunder Token (TT) and ThunderCore stablecoins, namely TT-BUSD, TT-USDT, and TT-USDC, have launched on the SWFT AllChain Swap. SWFT blockchain now supports the direct exchange of these cross-chain assets with over 300 cryptocurrencies.

SWFT blockchain is a world-renowned cross-chain instant exchange platform and aggregate payment network. It allows users to perform decentralized transactions without the need for registration and supports direct exchange and payment between cryptocurrencies without the need for standard base currencies (BTC, USDT, etc.) as a transfer medium.

In 2019, SWFT has supported the direct exchange of more than 180 currencies with TT, while also offering it as…

​​ThunderCore is an EVM-compatible, decentralized public blockchain dedicated to building security, efficiency, and scalability. It supports sub-second confirmation times, 4,000+ TPS, and low gas fees that cost less than $0.001. imToken now supports the ThunderCore network through a custom node function, and users can freely use various ThunderCore DApps and tokens on imToken.

Let us experience it together:

How to access ThunderCore in imToken

Switching network

Step 1: Open imToken’s ETH wallet. Click “Ethereum Mainnet” under “Wallet” to enter the network switching page, select “Settings ⚙️” in the upper right corner, and click “+”.

Dear Users,

Due to the recent cross-chain integration with Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), a large amount of cross-chain assets have successfully entered ThunderCore’s ecosystem. The frequency of such assets’ transfers has also increased significantly. To improve the user deposit and withdrawal experience and promote the liquidity of the assets between blockchains, we will make corresponding adjustments to ThunderCore Bridge’s transfer limits and fee rates. Starting from September 7th, the following changes will be implemented:

Before the NFT craze in early 2021, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was the trending topic in the crypto space. DeFi is such a diverse category that even crypto aficionados admit there is still much room for growth, especially in terms of innovation and improvement in many of the protocols we see today.

One DeFi sub-category stands out among others and has been serving as a cornerstone of some of the most famous use cases in today’s market. That category is called Decentralized Exchange (DEX). For crypto enthusiasts, DEX is anything but foreign. …

The ThunderCore X HECO trading competition has successfully concluded on August 17, and the rewards for all ThunderCore and HECO’s cross-chain events were distributed. In celebration of ThunderCore’s cross-chain integration with HECO, a few events were hosted where both ThunderCore and HECO’s community members had the opportunity to participate and win: a poster-sharing event and a trading competition that consisted of two parts.

Poster-sharing event: 300,000 TT airdrops were distributed to 1,146 qualified participants; each winner received 262 TT as rewards.

Trading competition part 1-TT-HT and TT-HUSD holding rewards: a total prize pool of $3,000 worth of TT was divided…

OURSONG 作画王グランプリ ~夏の陣~の応募の受付は終了致しました。この度、期間外のスペシャル部門として「The People’s Champion」を開催することになりました。

250以上のVibe(NFT)が応募されましたが、これらの傑作に応援するためにために、公式Twitterで人気投票を実施します。最も多くの票を集めたVibeが「The People’s Champion」となり、ThundercoreとOURSONGからフォローされます。

また、この部門を盛り上がるために、投票してくださった方の中から抽選で20名の方に参加賞を進呈します。なぜかというと”The People “が “The People’s Champion “キャンペーンで報酬を受け取るのは当たり前のことと我々が考えています。より多くの利益を大衆に!

👉English version


  • 開始時間 8/26 @ 5PM JST
  • 終了:8/30 @ 5PM JST


  • 賞金総額:20,000 TT
  • 抽選で20名様に賞金20,000 TTを山分け、1名当たり1,000 TT。


As the OURSONG SakugaKing Animation Grand Prix’s entry period has ended, we’re very excited to announce we’ll be hosting a spin-off category, called The People’s Champion, to celebrate the awesome Vibes submissions we’ve received.

More than 250 Vibes (NFTs) were submitted, and to showcase our community’s love for these masterpieces, a public vote will commence on our official Twitter account. The Vibe with the most votes will be named The People’s Champion and get a follow from us and our friends at OURSONG.

To make this category more unique, 20 users who voted will be selected randomly to receive participatory…

We recently did an AMA session (Pt.2) with Gains Associates’ CEO and Co-Founder, Alexandre Raffin, to address some questions from our communities. This recap focuses on introducing Gains Associates to our users.

For the AMA recap (Pt.1) that focuses on ThunderCore, visit the link below for more details:

⚡️Host: David, ThunderCore’s Developer
⚡️Guest: Alexandre Raffin, CEO & Co-Founder of Gains Associates
⚡️Location: ThunderCore’s official Telegram group
⚡️Time: Tuesday, August 17at 2:00 PM (UTC).
⚡️Reward pool: $10 USDT to 10 selected winners.

AMA Recap structure:

  • Part 1 — Gain Associates’s introduction.
  • Part 2 — Give answers to the 5 best questions…

We’re excited to announce that we’re the co-organizer for this year’s OURSONG X SakugaKing Animation Grand Prix!

The Animation Grand Prix is a short animation contest started on Twitter by Sakuga Baud’z in March 2021. This time, OURSONG will be the organizer of the event and will introduce the NFT format to discover and support new talents of animators and creators. This contest is the perfect homage to Anime, Music, and NFTs.

In order to advance collaboration between music and animation and allow animators to experience NFT as a new creative format, OURSONG and co-organizer, ThunderCore, will hold an NFT…

ThunderCore Team

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